Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Friday, 7 November 2014

Advertising a Book

First we read a book to our buddies from Room 14. Then we planned what effective advertising features we would use to advertise this  book on TV. We used I-Movie. What do you think?

For the Kapahaka Group

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Quarter IronMaori

On Saturday my husband Derek, my son Layton and I participated in the Quarter IronMaori....and it was Mean Maori Mean!!! Derek swam 1km around Pandora pond, Layton cycled 45kms and I ran/walk/ran/but mostly walked 10.5km. We came 212 out of 379 teams. Not bad considering we did not train. I don't recommend that, though!
What I really enjoyed was the supportive atmosphere that surrounded the whole event. Young ones and older ones in all the events were encouraging one another to keep going, and congratulating one another.
A big thank you and admiration to Heather Skipworth and Te Timatanga Ararau Trust for hosting and perfecting this awesome event in the Bay every year. Kia kaha, kia manawa!

Before                                    and            After...still smiling!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Our Subway Visitors

On Monday Mr and Mrs White, owners, of the Havelock North Subway came to Parkvale school to talk to us about their product. We had 3 questions for them.
1. How do you advertise your product?
2. How do you decide on the fillings for your product?
3. What do you need to do to prepare your product?

Mr and Mrs White told us the history of how Subway came into being and how they were the first couple to bring 'Subway' to the Bay. They were very helpful in giving us expert advice on filling choices and food preparation. Thank you Mr and Mrs White for taking the time to speak to us and, also, for bringing us some yummy subways and bread to eat for morning tea.


Monday, 13 October 2014

Konnichiwa everyone. I just thought I would post you some pics (there are heaps) of  my holiday in Japan. We  travelled on this Bullet train that travels at 300kmph and it took eight hours for us to travel 798km from Tokyo to a place called Beppu, south of Japan, to watch my son Karl play rugby.説明を追加 Here's a pic and Youtube video of the Bullet train

This is an example of a lunch/snack box you can buy for your lunch. The Japanese food is amazing. Just imagined if we could design a snack pack similar to this for our technology 'healthy snack' 

This is an example of a traditional Japanese house more out in the country though. The cities here are huge, the buildings are huge, Brodie and Josh you should see the designs of the buildings, train stations, malls, bridges and tunnels through the mountains here. The Japanese love building.

This is a castle which in the old days was situated high up on a hill and marked their territories.

We were taken to this is street where there were several Samurai houses and this one was opened to the public. 説明を追加

  • My son Karl plays for a Team called Canon Eagles. We were given a raincoat pack and a tee shirt and those inflatable banging tubes. Then it was so funny, all the supporters on both sides practised their chanting lead by those guys down the front, one was on a megaphone, before the game started. The team is escorted out by young rugby players, and after the game the team lines up and bows to both supporter sides. Everything over here is so organised and practised but it's fun because they build atmosphere and team spirit. By the way Karl's team won. 

This is Callum Bruce, another Hawkes Bay player who plays for Canon Eagles with Karl.説明を追加
Here we are in the team's dressing room. Everything is so flash. Japan is an amazing place to visit. Some things are the same as New Zealand but so many more things are different, the language is a huge barrier of course. However, we have been lucky. We had a Japanese guide when we travelled and of course family and other New Zealanders who have lived here awhile to help us. When you all get older but not as old as me, you must travel to Japan and experience this wonderful country. I'm off to my grandson's Japanese school tomorrow. Gambatte, (Do your best) Ja mata ne (See you later)

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Optimist Yachting Week

This week we are sailing yachts and kayaking in and around Pandora Pond in Napier. Room 11 continues to take risks by challenging ourselves to sail a yacht and paddle a kayak, including the teacher. Here are some photos after two days on the water.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Production Update

We are well into our production with two night performances under our belt and four more shows to go. I am so proud of everyone in Room 11. With each show the children are becoming more confident and relaxed having overcome those initial nerves. Here are some photos from our very first show to the school.